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Draft Day Special Coverage 10

1 - Greg Oden - Portland - duh
2 - Kevin Durant - Seattle - ditto
3 - Al Horford - Atlanta - maybe the Hawks should trade a forward
4 - Mike Conley Jr - Memphis - so many needs, this is one of them
5 - Jeff Green - Boston (traded to Seattle with Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West for Ray Allen) - I don't get this trade
6 - Yi Jianlin - Milwaukee - Try to get good Szechuan in Wisconsin.  Maybe he'll develop a taste for bratwurst.
7 - Corey Brewer - Minnesota - it's going to be a long season in Minny after KG goes.
8 - Brandan Wright - Charlotte - Another UNC guy.  What a shocker.
9 - Joakim Noah - Chicago - I hate to say it, but I agree with Stephen A.  Yet another high energy guy who can't actually score on the Bulls.  How many of those can you have?
10 - Spencer Hawes - Sacramento - A big white center with passing skills.  Brad Miller worked for them, so why not?
11 - Acie Law IV - Atlanta - The Hawks finally pick a point guard.  And take the Clippers choice.
12 - Thaddeus Young - Philadelphia - Yet another athletic small forward in this draft.  Of course, they already have Iggy and Korver at small forward.
13 - Julian Wright - New Orleans - Andy Katz: "He can do everything but shoot."  Hmmm.  That is how you score points still, right?
14 - Al Thornton - LA Clippers - Go 'Noles!  Sam Cassell gets an FSU teammate!  Major athlete and a great shooter.  I like this pick.
15 - Rodney Stuckey - Detroit - Far and away the most articulate so far in his Stu Scott interview, which is ironic since he ended up at EWU because he didn't qualify.    
16 - Nick Young - Washington - They like the scoring in DC, and not so much the defense, so Nick should fit right in.
17 - Sean Williams - New Jersey - Don't bogart that joint my friend.
18 - Marco Belinelli - Golden State - David Stern said Belly Nelly, which is really funny, especially since he'll be playing for a Nelly with a big Belly.  I like this guy.
19 - Javaris Crittendon - LA Lakers -  Hmmm.  So now, they have two point guards of the future (Crittendon and Farmar).  Who's the point guard of 2007?
20 - Jason Smith - Miami - If this guy's really this good, why didn't CSU win more games?  6-10 in the Mountain West?  I mean, Central Michigan played well in the NCAA tourney with Kaman, right?
21 - Daequan Cook - Philadelphia - Looks like Miami took Smith for Philly and got some money for their trouble.  Smith makes more sense for Phlly, who needs a big.  Cook becomes the 6th player in the first round from last year's NCAA title game.
22 - Jared Dudley - Charlotte - What?  With Reyshawn Terry still available?  Oh well.  At least he's from the ACC.  I never liked this guy. Don't really know why.
23 - Wilson Chandler - New York - This is one of those picks everyone knew was coming.  After Chandler worked out for the Knicks, he canceled his other workouts.  Isiah is an idiot as a GM, but he's a savant as a drafter.  If he like Chandler, then Chandler must be good.
24 - Rudy Fernandez - Phoenix - (traded to Portland for cash).  Boo Phoenix.  You don't trade picks for cash.  Not first round picks in a deep draft.  Yeah Portland.  Great pick up out of nowhere, for mere money from Paul Allen's deep, deep pockets.
25 - Morris Almond - Utah - Great shooter.  If he can work hard enough for Jerry Sloan and play some D, there's no question that he can help them on offense.