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Draft Day Special Coverage 12

1 - Greg Oden - Portland - duh
2 - Kevin Durant - Seattle - ditto
3 - Al Horford - Atlanta - maybe the Hawks should trade a forward
4 - Mike Conley Jr - Memphis - so many needs, this is one of them
5 - Jeff Green - Boston (traded to Seattle with Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West for Ray Allen) - I don't get this trade
6 - Yi Jianlin - Milwaukee - Try to get good Szechuan in Wisconsin.  Maybe he'll develop a taste for bratwurst.
7 - Corey Brewer - Minnesota - it's going to be a long season in Minny after KG goes.
8 - Brandan Wright - Charlotte - Another UNC guy.  What a shocker.
9 - Joakim Noah - Chicago - I hate to say it, but I agree with Stephen A.  Yet another high energy guy who can't actually score on the Bulls.  How many of those can you have?
10 - Spencer Hawes - Sacramento - A big white center with passing skills.  Brad Miller worked for them, so why not?
11 - Acie Law IV - Atlanta - The Hawks finally pick a point guard.  And take the Clippers choice.
12 - Thaddeus Young - Philadelphia - Yet another athletic small forward in this draft.  Of course, they already have Iggy and Korver at small forward.
13 - Julian Wright - New Orleans - Andy Katz: "He can do everything but shoot."  Hmmm.  That is how you score points still, right?
14 - Al Thornton - LA Clippers - Go 'Noles!  Sam Cassell gets an FSU teammate!  Major athlete and a great shooter.  I like this pick.
15 - Rodney Stuckey - Detroit - Far and away the most articulate so far in his Stu Scott interview, which is ironic since he ended up at EWU because he didn't qualify.    
16 - Nick Young - Washington - They like the scoring in DC, and not so much the defense, so Nick should fit right in.
17 - Sean Williams - New Jersey - Don't bogart that joint my friend.
18 - Marco Belinelli - Golden State - David Stern said Belly Nelly, which is really funny, especially since he'll be playing for a Nelly with a big Belly.  I like this guy.
19 - Javaris Crittendon - LA Lakers -  Hmmm.  So now, they have two point guards of the future (Crittendon and Farmar).  Who's the point guard of 2007?
20 - Jason Smith - Miami - If this guy's really this good, why didn't CSU win more games?  6-10 in the Mountain West?  I mean, Central Michigan played well in the NCAA tourney with Kaman, right?
21 - Daequan Cook - Philadelphia - Looks like Miami took Smith for Philly and got some money for their trouble.  Smith makes more sense for Phlly, who needs a big.  Cook becomes the 6th player in the first round from last year's NCAA title game.
22 - Jared Dudley - Charlotte - What?  With Reyshawn Terry still available?  Oh well.  At least he's from the ACC.  I never liked this guy. Don't really know why.
23 - Wilson Chandler - New York - This is one of those picks everyone knew was coming.  After Chandler worked out for the Knicks, he canceled his other workouts.  Isiah is an idiot as a GM, but he's a savant as a drafter.  If he like Chandler, then Chandler must be good.
24 - Rudy Fernandez - Phoenix - (traded to Portland for cash).  Boo Phoenix.  You don't trade picks for cash.  Not first round picks in a deep draft.  Yeah Portland.  Great pick up out of nowhere, for mere money from Paul Allen's deep, deep pockets.
25 - Morris Almond - Utah - Great shooter.  If he can work hard enough for Jerry Sloan and play some D, there's no question that he can help them on offense.
26 - Aaron Brooks - Houston - WTF?  I wouldn't have taken Brooks for the Clippers at 45.  They've already got Skip to my lou and Mike James.  Why are they taking a 5'10" point guard at 26?
27 - Arron Afflalo - Detroit - Seems a little early for Arron, but his work ethic fits nicely in Detroit.
28 - Tiago Splitter - San Antonio - What a shocker, the Spurs take a big Euro (I know he's Brazilian, but he's playing in the EuroLeague).  As it happens, Splitter is better than Oberto and probably better than his current teammate Scola.  He won't be here for a couple years, but that's OK with RC Buford, who using the blood of draft picks playing in Europe to keep his boyish good looks.
29 - Alando Tucker - Phoenix  - Going from the Badgers to the Suns, Tucker is likely to get the bends.
30 - Petteri Koponen - Philadelphia - Is he 19 or 21?  The TV screen said 21, but everything else says 19.  So this is the point guard after Andre Miller.  OK.  Tell you what - other than Dirk, no European player has done well without playing in the top European leagues first.  Nikolosz Tskididkadf;ljdfja and Yaroslav Korolev are two examples.