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Draft Day Special Coverage 15

This is my final post of the day.  I need to go be a dad for a while.  Here's a quote from ClipperZoe:  'Dad, can you change it to 43 (Disney Channel) because I want to be with you and I want to watch a really cool movie?'  (The movie turns out to be called 'Get a Clue' and stars a really young and presumably not involved with substances Lindsay Lohan.)  

This was a pretty good draft for the Clippers, and a really good draft for ClipperSteve.  I was on the Jared Jordan bandwagon for awhile as you know, and to get the guy who is the best pure point guard in this draft at 45 is huge.  I'm definitely going to take a road trip to Vegas next month (yuck, how hot will it be?) to watch him play.  

As for Thornton, he's a big time scorer, and a big time athlete, and he can help a lot in both regards.  There may be a bit of a crunch on the wing, finding enough minutes for Maggette, Mobley, Ross and Thornton, but that's not a bad problem to have.  

I'll have a longer post on the draft tomorrow.