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The Interwebs is Funny

As we've seen, draft day is a big event in the life of a blogger.  So I was understandably excited when I checked my page views for the day.  Sure enough, my traffic was about six-fold normal levels (we won't get into raw numbers as ClipsNation is still a small fish in this particular pond - suffice it to say that Golden State of Mind set a record yesterday, which involved more page views in a single day than ClipsNation has had... ever).  At any rate, I checked the referrals to see from whence this spike in traffic was coming, assuming that my inclusion in True Hoop's Blogger Live Draft, and with it exposure, accounted for most of the increase.  Wrong.  The vast majority of my additional page views came from a peculiar Google search:  "Marco Belinelli girlfriend."

Now, I've posted on several occasions about Marco Belinelli.  And my post prior to the NBA Finals complaining about the Pussy Cat Dolls intro contained the following phrase:  "As a matter of fact, I do wish my girlfriend was hot like them."  And that was enough to drive a torrent of traffic to my door (a torrent that continues today, btw, and which will undoubtedly increase now that I have these three magic words together in a single post).

But as it happens, I know nothing about Marco Belinelli's girlfriend.  Furthermore, I didn't even really notice her in real time, when he kissed her after being selected, setting off this Google-frenzy.  I went back to the TiVo to see what all the fuss was about, and frankly, I don't get it.  Not that she doesn't have the potential to be hot.  But there is only a fleeting glance of her on the ESPN coverage, and sure, she's wearing quite a gown, but you never actually saw her face.  I mean, she could have had an adam's apple for all I know.  Still, for thousands of NBA fans watching the draft, this was the one bit of information they had to have immediately.  Who is Marco Belinelli's girlfriend?  

And that's why I say, the interwebs is funny.