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The Greek Connection

With free agency beginning in earnest, one generally overlooked source of talent is the European leagues.  While everyone focuses on marginally talented NBA veterans like Steve Blake, some of the better free agent signings of the last few years have been veteran players on foreign teams (Garbajosa and Parker for Toronto, Nocioni for Chicago, Herrmann for Charlotte).  And there have been a few busts as well, like Jasikevicius and Maciajauskus.  

Theo Papaloukas remains the best veteran point guard playing in Europe.  I've mentioned him as a possibility for the Celippers before.  There was even a rumor recently that the Lakers had made an offer to Papaloukas, but that was denied the next day.  Papaloukas made Chris Sheridan's list of top 25 Free Agents (Insider required), where he once again reported that the Clippers (among other teams) had shown interest.

The 6-foot-7 guard has drawn interest from several NBA teams, including the Heat, Lakers, Grizzlies and Clippers, and says he wants to give the NBA a shot, but it would take a full midlevel offer to trump what he's making tax-free in Russia. He has a 400,000 euro buyout with CSKA that must be executed by July 15.
It seems we'll find out what's happening with Papaloukas in the next two weeks, if Sheridan is right about his buyout.

It's a long shot that the Clippers would sign him, but I for one would rather give him a shot than the rag tag bunch of veteran NBA free agent point guards.