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Pussy Cat Dolls

I like the Pussy Cat Dolls as much as the next guy.  I mean, as a matter of fact, I do wish my girlfriend was hot like them, or at the very least a freak (just my girlfriend, not my wife).  But I feel that ABC and the NBA may have missed the mark in tabbing the lame lame LAME 'Right Now' for the NBA intros.

Of course, there's only ever been one good intro (the BEP's 'Get it Started' - a great song, an appropriate demographic, and terrific re-worked lyrics featuring a 24 second clock and a finger roll of all things).  But I can't remember one that has sucked so much as the PCDs.  I mean, sure there are lots of men watching basketball.  But I like to think that our tastes run to something slightly more sophisticated than a desperately ethnic melange of scantily clad models who can't really... um... what is that thing that singers sometimes do... oh yeah... sing.  And the 'Right Now' song, trying so very hard to be 'catchy' is instead simply monotonous.  There's just nothing remotely basketball-y about the whole thing.  Bongos and jazz flute?  Really?

Am I wrong on this?  Do you guys like the PCD intro?