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The Dust is Settling

There is no direct Clipper news in their search for a veteran point guard, but there's plenty happening around them.

Four experienced points have agreed to terms within the last few days, including most of the hot commodities.

Mo Williams decided to take the money and re-sign with the Bucks.

Derek Fisher will reportedly return to the Lakers.

Steve Blake decided to return to Portland.

And Chucky Atkins will replace Blake as the starter in Denver.  

That leaves Steve Francis followed by Brevin Knight as the best available free agent point guards.  It's pretty much Jason Hart and Smush Parker after that.  Update [2007-7-14 14:38:41 by ClipperSteve]: (Hart is also gone; see the comments; thanks John.)

Meanwhile, after losing out on top priority Williams and with Blake off the market, the Heat may make a push for Francis.  

Cleveland appears uninterested in a free agent, perhaps because of luxury tax fears, and instead has pursued a trade for Mike Bibby, which now appears dead again.  

There is one more name in circulation - Juan Carlos Navarro is being shopped by the Wizards.  Navarro is a top guard for the Spanish National Team, along with such NBA players as Jose Calderon and Sergio Rodriguez.  The Wizards drafted him a few years back, and bought out his Barcelona contract this summer.