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Jared Jordan Stuff

A couple articles from 'hometown' papers about Jared Jordan.  One is from the Hartford Courant (he grew up in Hartford and played high school basketball) and the other is from the Poughkeepsie Journal (Poughkeepsie being the home of the Marist Red Foxes in upstate New York where Jordan played his college ball).  By the way, Poughkeepsie is just about 30 miles due north of Elton Brand's hometown of Peekskill, NY.  Of course, EB got a little more interest from major colleges than Jordan.

Update [2007-7-3 13:26:43 by ClipperSteve]: Here's another article about Jordan, this one from the Middleton Times Herald-Record (isn't that like three newspaper names?  Why do they need three newspaper names?)  This article has a little more Clippers-centric information, including several quotes for Director of Player Personnel Neil Olshey (although they didn't bother to spell his name correctly).  I must say: Olshey seems genuinely excited to have gotten Jordan.

He is one of the rare players who is quicker with the ball than without. He played at Marist, but he went to Orlando (pre-draft camp) and dominated there as a point guard against very good competition. He can really play, he plays at his tempo, you cannot make him go faster than he wants to go. He has incredible composure and court awareness and most of all he is the kind of guy that big-time players like to play with. He gives them the ball where they can be successful, and has a pass-first mindset. He is the kind of guy who you do not necessarily need to run plays for because he will create opportunities on his own.
I've mentioned it before, but you need to remember that Taurean Green and Zabian Dowdell were both on the board when the Clippers took Jordan - like me, Olshey simply feels that Jordan was the guy.  Not that I would have necessarily have taken him at 19, but after Conley and Law, I honestly believe that Jordan will be the third best point guard in this draft.