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Summer League - Nuggets 108, Clippers 104

I did not see this game:

(a) I was in a canyon.
(b) I don't have NBA-TV (still not offered on my stupid cable system, stupid Charter Cable).
(c) SAYS that you can watch every game on the interwebs, but every time I follow their advice and "click 'WATCH' link to see all the action", I get a message about how the game is blacked out in my area, which is considerably less action than I was hoping for.  My area?  What's that?  LOS ANGELES!??!??!  That's a pretty friggin' big area.  Maybe it's all just a misunderstanding.  Maybe, when they said you can see all the action, what they meant was you can see NONE of the action.  It's really just one word different.

By the way, has anyone else tried this WATCH link (which I'm beginning to think is poorly named)?  Does it work for you?  What area are you in?

So since I have nothing else, all I can do is look through the box score and the game recap.  Thornton: 24 and 8.  Nice debut.  Paul Davis went for 18 and 11.  Jared Jordan led the team with 5 assists and also had 5 points and 5 rebounds.  Guillermo Diaz had 15 points, but took 16 shots to get there.  And Mohamed Abukar had a surprisingly strong game, scoring 19 points in 21 minutes and making all three of his threes.  (This is just weird - Abukar made 19 out of 63 college threes last year.)  

Conroy only played 12 minutes compared to 26 for Subway and 29 for Diaz.  A couple of things about that:  (a) He'll probably get a start and play big minutes in a couple games this summer.  He'll get his chance.  (b) With 26 minutes from Subway and 12 from Conroy, it means that Diaz played almost exclusively at shooting guard (summer league games are only 40 minutes).  Given that he's really competing to make the team as a one (ok, a combo guard) he's going to have to prove he can run the team at some point.

Neither Korolev nor Kaman played.