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Clipper Fan Moment #473

I had one of those 'Clipper Fan Moments' this weekend.  We've all had them.  My parents' celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and my siblings and I threw them a big party.  (In fact, I didn't post a lot last week partly because I was working on my speech.  You'll be happy to know, I KILLED.  So much funnier than my sister; I don't care what everyone else says.  Besides, she took the low road - lots of bathroom humor and sexual innuendo.  I'm above that!)

Anyway, I was with a big group of family, many of whom I hadn't seen in years, if in fact I had ever actually met them (who is this guy Darwin again?)  When the subject of what I do came up, I first had to deal with the whole 'stay at home dad' thing.  I mean, it's a great gig, my family is deliriously happy with the choice, my wife likes working and makes plenty of money, but still not everyone gets it when a grown man doesn't have a 'job'.  But I survived those conversations more or less with my dignity in tact.

Then came the subject of blogs.  Now, I think they had all heard the term, though many were confused.  But the assumption was that I sat around and blogged about being a dad.  'Today I coached soccer.  Next week I'm taking the Brownie troop on a camping trip.  After that, I plan to kill myself because no one cares about what I am blogging about.'  When I explained that I blogged about the Clippers, there were blank stares all around.

The Clippers?  What's a Clipper?  Is that a soccer team?  Basketball?  Really?  And here's the one that kills me... I thought the team in LA was called the Lakers.  Do the Clippers play in the same league as the Celtics?

I mean, I love my family.  But for goodness sakes Nancy!  You're one of the brightest women I know.  There are only 30 teams in the league and you've managed to miss one of them entirely?  The Clippers do indeed play the Celtics, exactly twice a year for the last 30 years.  COME ON!  I know they suck, but don't try to tell me they don't actually EXIST!

At least I got a post out of it.  (A post dad.  An individual entry is called a post.  Not a 'blog'.  The blog is the entire thing.  Or you could use it as a verb.  As in, 'Today, I blogged about my stupid family.'  But I did not write a blog about my family. I wrote a post.  Or I posted on my blog.  I have one and only one blog, and it's about the Clippers.)

Oh, by the way, Happy 50th Anniversary.

If you've had a 'Clipper Fan Moment', share it with us in a Diary.  Training camp is still over a month away, the roster is pretty much set, and how much can we argue about Maggette and Carmelo anyway?