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The Clippers Need a Big - Say, Don't They Have One of Those in Greece?

In a classic case of 'out of sight, out of mind' it didn't even occur to me that the Clippers should consider bringing over MBFGC with Elton Brand due to miss a significant chunk of time.  (Thanks to citizens ZhivClip and Lawler's Law for waking me up to this possibility.) The last time anyone said anything about Sofo was back in late June when Joe Stevens reported that he would NOT play for the Clippers summer league team.  I reset the clock for next summer when I read that, but the alarm just went off.

The Clippers have remained incredibly tight-lipped about their Greek project - in the four years since they drafted him they've rarely said more than a couple words.  But here's what (I think) I know about his current contract situation (there is no HoopsHype salary page for the Greek league, sadly).  A year ago, although the Clippers were rumored to be interested in bringing him to the NBA, he signed a new 4 year contract with his Greek team, Olympiacos.  That contract was for 500K Euros per season (about $700K) and included a $500K buyout.  The four year duration of the contract is not really significant - the reasonable $500K buyout tells you that he wanted to jump to the NBA before the 4 years were up. Consider that Juan Carlos Navarro is paying $3M of his buyout from his own pocket to come to the NBA.  If the buyout amount is accurate, if he is interested in playing in the NBA, the team should try to get him here now.  It also seems that his contract demands would not be unreasonable.  They should be able to sign him and remain below the luxury tax threshold.

I'm guessing that the Clippers plan at the beginning of the summer was to wait at least one more year for MBFGC.  But I'm also guessing that the plan then didn't involve Elton rupturing an Achilles tendon.  Things change.  

It's not an ideal fit - it would be difficult to play Kaman and Sofo together since neither one is really going to be happy straying more than 10 feet from the basket.  But he would get a chance to get the lion's share of minutes at backup center (over the likes of Paul Davis and Aaron Williams) in addition to some minutes at the 4.  The bottom line is, he's 22 years old, he's been the Clippers property for four years, and if he's EVER going to help this team, this November would seem the perfect time.  I mean, what are we waiting for?  At least tell us why we're NOT bringing him over this year.