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In Other News...

By the way, Elton Brand's surgery was successful.  

The team released a statement after the surgery was completed yesterday afternoon.  It was innocuous - any one of us could have written it.

The surgery was successful.
He'll be in a cast for 6 weeks, walking boot for 6 more weeks.
He'll rehab after that.
No timetable has been set for his return.
We'll keep you posted.

That's cool.

The weird thing is that his agent David Falk felt compelled to send out essentially the same press release.  (Weird to me anyway - maybe it's standard, but I've never seen it before.)

Falk's release said mostly the same stuff, but included the following, kind of petulant sentence:

Early reports that Elton was out for the season and that he would return as early as December are completely erroneous and without factual basis.

I found this strange.  For one thing, just to nitpick since they felt compelled to say all this, if the early reports said he was out for the season AND he would return as early as December, that would be just silly.  It makes it sound as if the same reports were saying both of these things, which are mutually exclusive.  Surely we're talking about separate reports and you meant to use OR in that sentence.  Secondly, assuming we are indeed talking about separate reports, to call the reports 'erroneous' seems unnecessarily harsh and not really accurate.  If indeed someone reported that he's out for the season, and if indeed he ends up being out for the season, then the report was not erroneous at all.  It may be premature, but your point is that there is NO time frame right now - so we don't really know if any previously reported time frame is right or wrong.    Moreover, I've striven to read every word on this subject, and I've never seen anyone give a time frame without being very careful to provide lots of caveats.  I don't think we were really in significant danger of missing the point that he'll be back when he's back.  

I don't know what's gotten into me today.  I'm in a feisty mood.

Get well soon, Elton.