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See ClipperBlog regarding the Clippers apparent pursuit of Josh Powell.  

In my opinion, this is the type of response the Clippers should make as regards Elton Brand's injury.  At any rate, I'd much rather sign Josh Powell for the minimum than sign Webber (thankfully no longer an option) or PJ Brown or Melvin Ely.  

By the way, MDsr and Elgin Baylor have done a pretty good job of identifying young talent.  Bobby Simmons and Quinton Ross were both signed for minimal dollars.  James Singleton also looked like a great pick up, though he was then seemingly underutilized.  

The last few years, the roster has been pretty full, and MDsr has often preferred to go with veteran, locker-room guys (Walter McCarty, Aaron Williams).  I'd much rather go with a Josh Powell in these situations.