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Only 12 Days Left!

You probably thought the title of this post was referring to the opening of Training Camp!  Don't be silly.  There are 14 days left to that.

But there's only 12 days left to submit your entry in the Clipper Fan Moments contest!  Entries must be received by Sunday, September 30th, and voting for the best Clipper Fan Moment begins October 1.  First prize is two tickets to Clippers v. Sonics on November 4, and second prize is two tickets to the pre-season game versus the Suns on October 18.  Tickets are courtesy of Barry's Tickets.  

For more information on the contest, see the original post or the splash page.  Get your entry in - just click on Post New Diary in the Menu on the upper right of the page and start typing.  There are only a handful so far, so you'll stand a pretty good chance of winning some tickets.  If you're not in the LA area but you want to play along (Googs, Whaleritis, etc.) we'll come up with a prize for you guys too (if you win).  Maybe a lovely ClipsNation T-Shirt.  Ooooh!

As for basketball season, it's fast approaching as well.  Media Day is Monday, October 1, and then the team is off to Santa Barbara for two-a-days the 2nd thru the 5th, and an intrasquad scrimmage the 6th.  The first pre-season game is in Denver on Tuesday October 9th.  That's only three weeks from today.