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Right on Schedule

Elton Brand had his cast removed today.  He has had his surgically repaired left foot placed in a walking boot, where it will remain for another six weeks.  

If you're keeping track, his surgery was performed exactly six weeks ago today, on August 7.  At the time, the doctors said he would be in his cast for six weeks.  So far so good.  It's always a good sign when someone says how it's going to work, and then it works that way.  Makes me feel warm inside.

If the plan continues to progress like clockwork, six more weeks would put us at Tuesday, October 30th when he would be losing the walking boot and beginning serious rehab.  Tuesday October 30th just happens to be opening day of the NBA season - eerie, huh?  I for one feel encouraged by the prospect of EB without exterior signs of his injury by opening day.  We know he's going to work as hard as is necessary to get back, so that just leaves it up to his body to cooperate.