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Quick List of Links

Well, after months of subsisting on next to nothing, suddenly there's more Clipper stories than I can keep up with.  (Actually, I'm just having a busy morning and can't do more than a link dump right now... I'll be back with more on all of these later.)

Sam Alipour of is apparently dedicated full time to the Clippers at this point.  After an interview with Elton Brand on Tuesday, he now has a Shaun Livingston story.  I haven't even read it yet.  Let me know what you think.

Art Thompson III of the OC Register has information about Corey Maggette's contract.  The Clippers offered an extension (the amount of increase being limited by salary cap rules), Maggette and Pelinka declined, there doesn't seem to be any animosity at this point, and he'll probably opt out after this season, looking for more money.  I'll definitely have lots more on this later.

Finally, one of John R's favorite 'stat geek' sites, Wages of Wins, has some number crunching on the difference between the 'good' Clippers of 05-06 and the 'bad' Clippers of 06-07.  If you're looking for a villain in this story, they say look no further than Chris Kaman.