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Livingston Blurb in the Mag

I got my ESPN the Magazine today.  Not many more of those on the way.  I decided that 'insider' status was not worth whatever tiny amount of money they were charging for it.  Hell, there's more good basketball writing on the interwebs for free than I have time to read.  Why should I pay to be irritated by Ric Bucher?  But I digress.

The '3 Seconds' portion of the NBA section of the latest Mag contains these two sentences on Shaun Livingston.

The Clips hope to have SHAUN LIVINGSTON back by March, but the young guard is rehabbing hard to beat that timetable.  "I'd love to be back in January, so I can have most of the season to get my team to the playoffs," he says...

Of course, you can take Shaun's quote and $3.85 to your local Starbucks and get yourself a triple grande non-fat latte.  But still, it's nice to hear.  He's working hard.  He's pushing towards a goal.  And surely he wouldn't be saying something like that if his doctors were telling him it was impossible, right?

I for one will be happy to see him play again, whenever it is.