Clipper Fan Moments

My favorite Clippers moment was back in 2002 when my father got me tickets to the Clippers @ KIngs game. He didnt want to go so my friend Paul and I went and just made a day outta it. We left around 11am and went up to Sac. Stoped and got somthing to eat then from there it was off to the Hotel where the clipps we staying at. We got there and waited about an hour or so then the team bus pulled up to take the players to Arco area. As the players were coming out we called them over to talk and get some autographs. We met Elton Brand(favorite player since college), Q Rich, superman Earl Boykins,Tremaine Fowlkes, and Dennis Johnson(R.I.P.) they were all so nice to us.It was the 1st nba game that I ever went to it kinda was a homecoming for THE KANDIMAN who played about an hour away the Pacific.  Elton had the flu that game but played with if ended up with 3 points if i recall and sean rooks was money that night. even though the Clippers lost by 17 it was the most fun I ever had.

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