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Contest Ends Sunday Night!


OK, this is the last time I am begging for your love.

There isn't much time left to submit your entries for the Clipper Fan Moments contest.  Remember, these are those moments when you're reminded what it means to be a Clippers fan - those times when you have to defend your loyalty, despite the fact that you barely understand it yourself.  All of the entries are due by midnight Sunday, and I'm probably not going to have time this weekend to be sitting here reminding you over and over.  I'm not going to do it!

For more on the contest you can go to the original post, or the splash page.  Bear in mind that this is an actual contest with actual prizes, the first ever such undertaking on ClipsNation.  The citizen with the best Clipper Fan Moment, as voted by fellow citizens, will win two tickets to the Sonics game on November 4.  Second prize is four tickets.  Thank you!  I'll be here all week.  Just kidding.  Second prize is two tickets to the pre-season game against the Suns on October 18 (which could be one of your last chances to see Yaroslav Korolev, btw).  Tickets are courtesy of our friends at Barry's tickets.  

So far, we have seven entries.  

I culled these entries from comments and the diaries.  If by any chance you have submitted one and I missed it, let me know.

Seven entries I can live with.  We can settle the whole thing with one neat and tidy poll and send out some fabulous prizes.  But surely the rest of you want a crack at these easy tickets.  You know those TV contests targeted at kids?  "Many will enter, few will win."  Well, we're at "Seven will enter, two will win."  I'm saying, the odds are pretty sweet right now.

Citizen Googs and Citizen zhivclip have both promised me entries.  But where's Lerner?  Where's Jax?  Clipper Joe?  Korolev is my Hero?  Lawlers Law?  rh? tb?  Whaleritis?  You guys all have a story to tell, I just know it!  Even if you're not in the LA area, I'll figure out a fabulous prize.  But get those entries in by Sunday night!