My Clipper Moment...

Actually 2 recent moments...

I started a new job about 8 mos ago.  About a few weeks into the job a crowd of about 6 gathered around my desk to talk personal stuff...anyhow everyone of them was a Lakers fan...I am sorry to say, did not proclaim my Clips loyalty right away.  I was asked which was my favorite team, the crowd went silent...everyone kind of looked at each other for a few seconds...yes, the normal response I get from Lakers fan.  I broke the silence by showing them a slide show of a playoff game against the Suns.  I am looking to a fun season of talkin smack about KB24 not showing up to camp! LOL

A second moment was more like an E-moment...I finally got a myspace page(I think I was the last person on earth to do so)...I saw that the Clips had an official page so I added them along with the rest of my family and friends...let's just say myspace inbox was full of insults about the Clips being one of my top 6 myspace friends!

Wait til we surprise everyone this season!

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