Best Clipper Fan Moment- My Journey Into ClipperNation

My Journey through Clipper Nation was amazing. When I was younger, I asked my dad, "Who are the Clippers?". I was a Lakers fan and I knew the Clippers as a bad team. Eventually, I had recieved Clipper Tickets for the 2001-2002 season. I truly enjoyed the game. The Clippers almost made the playoffs, but our hopes were cut short. The 2002-2003 and the 2003-2004 seasons were truly terrible. However, in those two seasons I had built up my loyalty for the Clippers. I loed underdogs. The 2004-2005 season gave me some hope on a possible run in the folowing years. I remember my favorite Clipper game. It was a game in December; Clippers versus the Heat. I was sitting near the court at that game. The Clippers had a chance to go a couple games over .500 with a victory there. It was nearing the end of second overtime and I thought I would make history by being one of the fans that saw the Clippers' very first third overtime. But then, Corey Maggette showed up. He took the ball and fell to the floor approximately 20 feet from the court on the baseline. He fell into the cheerleaders as the ball rose higher and higher. The Clippers were tied. I thought the shot was going to be an airball. The moment literally slowed down when I was there. To my astonishment, Corey Maggette made that shot. After I left Staples, I realized that the Clippers were meant to be my favorite team, and that I could barely hear and lost most of my hearing. Soon the 2005-2006 season arrived. The Clippers made the playoffs. I could not believe it. I was there for Game 1 in Los Angeles in Round 1 versus the Nuggets. I remember it being a close game. I remember the Clippers being up by two, with Carmelo taking the shot at the buzzer. I remember him missing, and I remember a ROAR! I remember the screams and shouts..  I remember the Clippers first playoff victory in ten years. I had truly become a Clipper fan. I am amazingly loyal to the Clippers. The games I do not attend, I watch on T.V. The few games that are not televised are closly listened to on the radio by me. I searched Google News for Clippers news and rumors everyday during offseasons for the most up to date information I can find (which was often posted here).I remember being furious when the Clippers lost in Round 2, Game 7 against the Suns, but I knew that next year they would make it all the way. I know that the Clippers will be great this year. Although, they lost Brand and Livingston for half the year, the Clippers will be fine becasuse of their determination for the game of basketball The Clippers gave me passion for basketball, the gave me happiness, they gave me entertainment, they gave me hope. The Clippers are my team. Ha; and I used to think they were horrible, I used to not know who the Clippers were. But now I do. Now my life is complete. Now, I am a citizen of Clipper Nation.

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