A tough fix, these Clippers

they are what they are

Not sure that I would do much other than what has been suggested regarding players.  I generally like the roster.  In fact, I don't trade anyone, unless something falls in my lap. I even re-sign Sam for one more season, and see if Corey is more open to an extension after testing the market, unless another FA can be had for a better bargain, preferably one that can shoot.

The major change that I make is to the strength and conditioning staff.  Fire them.  Too many small injuries.  I have never seen a team with more day to day feet and leg issues.  I think some new blood in that dept. would be helpful.

Otherwise, I think this roster, healthy, can advance in the playoffs.  Going forward, I adopt the Coangelo, Jr. philosophy of only drafting/signing players if they can shoot.  No matter how gifted, athletic, or anything else, if they can't shoot, they ain't taking up a roster spot.  No more Rueben Pattersons, and, as good as he has been, Brevin Knights.

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