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The Latest on MBFGC

Remember how in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' Toula was going out with Ian the WASP, but Toula's father Gus wanted her to only date Greek men, but because Toula was in love they all worked it out (with some wacky comedy along the way) and Toula and Ian got married?

Well, the drama in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' has nothing on 'My Big Fat Greek Center.'

In our last episode, Big Sofo hadn't played a basketball game in almost a year due to injuries and weight issues.  His Greek Club Team, Olympiakos, wanted him to enter a specialized health clinic in Switzerland to lose weight.  According to some reports, Sofo weighed at least 150 KG (330 pounds), but may have been more like 170 KG (374), and some message board rumors even had him at 200 KG (that would be 440 pounds - not good for a professional athlete unless your sport is sumo wrestling).  

It's unclear, what happened next: either Sofo refused to enter the clinic, or he didn't, and either Olympiakos ceased paying him (without releasing him), or they didn't.  At any rate, it was a bit of a standoff - kind of like Gus telling Toula to stop seeing Ian.  Only in this case Toula weighs 400 pounds and Ian represents truckloads of food.

But maybe we're on our way to a happy ending after all.  About a week ago, Sofo apparently agreed to enter the Clinic.  Olympiakos will pay for the treatment, and will also continue paying Sofo's salary.  The stated goal is to lose 30 KG in 3 months.  

(By the way, if the goal is to lose 30 Kilos, it seems unlikely that he's really up to 200.  Still, 66 pounds in three months is a pretty aggressive goal.  Dude must be pretty big.)

By the way, I posted a link to Sofo's website last time where he told his side of the story to that point - unfortunately there was not yet an English language translation.  For what it's worth, the translation is now available.  Among other things, he says that the Clippers were aggressively trying to sign him a couple of summers ago.