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One Week Left to Fix the Clips

Just a reminder that you still have a week to enter the Fix the Clips Contest.  
Fix the Clips!

If I think your plan is the best one, you could win two tickets to the Hawks game on Jan. 30 or the Bobcats game Jan. 28 (tickets courtesy of Barry's Tickets).

I'm thrilled with the entries received so far.  I wasn't sure what to expect in this contest.  A solid plan requires a fair amount of work, so I was dubious that anyone would put in the effort.

While we haven't seen a flood of entries, the quality has more than made up for the relative lack of quantity.

Here are the entries to date.  If you haven't read them yet, you really should.  It's interesting stuff.

  • Citizen John R is making Mike Miller his target acquisition, believing that Miller's range and overall scoring ability are the missing ingredients for the Clippers.  There's no doubt that Miller would be a good fit, but how much would you be willing to give up for him?
  • Citizen mvnclipper (a fellow Clipper Blogger, if you aren't frequenting Money From the Parking Lot you should be) would go after Luol Deng (and pay him, by the way).  I'm not sure Deng can be pried away from the Bulls, but he makes a strong bid for him, and you have to like the aggressive plan.  (By the way Bill, I finally added you to my blog roll - sorry it took so long.)
  • Citizen mp says the team should stand pat.  I think he realizes he's not going to win any contests with that strategy, but I think it's a perfectly valid approach.  It's tempting to see what happens when you had a healthy Brand and Livingston to K2.  Given that neither player is likely to be back until after the trade deadline, it might be foolish to rush into anything before really knowing what you've got.  So like I said, it's a worthy plan, if a little dull.
  • Citizen klip113per (really, you couldn't get a better name than that? It's not a password you know) would clean house (Cassell and Thomas gone) and go after Ron Artest.  It's an interesting plan, and stands in stark contrast to mp's idea of sticking with the current team.  Artest is a major talent.  But would you risk team chemistry before even seeing what happens with Brand and the new Kaman together?  Major props for boldness, but I'm not sure it's what I would do.

Those are the entries so far.  I'll post my own plan towards the end of next week as well.  Hopefully reading these plans will inspire a few more brave souls to send in their own fixes.  (Or maybe the quality of work will intimidate the slackers!)  It's not that hard.  Click on Post New Diary and start typing (you have to be a registered user of ClipsNation).  It's your chance to play GM!

You have until next Friday.  Send in your entry and Fix the Clips!