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Jazz 106 - Clippers 88

So that's the 9th best team in the West, huh?  That team is not in the playoffs.  That's a pretty good team.

I stopped watching the game at some point in the second half.  The Clippers just couldn't stop them.  They run their sets, get open shots, and make them.  I had forgotten what a great passer Kirilenko is.  It must be nice to have solid passers at all five positions.

So here's the thing.  All I could think about was realigning the NBA.  Because Utah, right now, would be fourth in the Eastern Conference.  And that's with the unbalanced schedule.  It's pretty clear that they would be in the top 3 with Boston and Detroit.  But they may not make the playoffs in the West.

The good news is, now that the leisurely once-every-three days pace is behind us, there's a game tomorrow, and we can just move past this game.  

Bring on New Jersey.  Sadly, if the season ended today, the Nets would be in the playoffs and the Jazz would not.  But no one in their right mind would pretend that New Jersey is the better team.