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Trade 1: Cassell to Denver for Kleiza and Hunter.

Trade 2: Maggette to GS for Bellini, Pietrus and Perovic

2008 Roster:
PG: Shaun Livingston ($5.8M) backed up by Brevin Knight ($2M)
SG: Cuttino Mobley ($9.1M) backed up by Marco Bellini ($6.4M)
SF: Tim Thomas ($6.1m) backed up by Al Thornton ($1.8M)
PF: Elton Brand ($16.4m) backed up by Linus Kleiza ($1.8M)
C: Chris Kaman ($9.5M) backed up by Stephen Hunter ($3.6M)
11th Man: Quinton Ross 2/3($2?M)
12th Man: Mickael Pietrus 2/3($?)
13th Man: Jarryd Bayless 3/4($3?M; first round draft pick)
14th Man: Kosta Perovic 4/5($1.8M)
15th Man: Josh Powell 4($800K)
Overseas: 2nd Rounder G Rodrigue Beauboi (Pietrius's boy) Young, deep, and athletic with Kaman and Brand as focal point; good shooters.

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