Fixing the Clippers

I also think that this team should be built around Brand and Kaman. However, we are also going to need to pick up a shooter who will take pressure off of the two of them. There is a player who was going to sign with the Clips as a free agent, then went across the country. Gilbert Arenas is an L.A. guy and he would be a perfect fit.

I think the Clips would need to make some big moves in order to do so. This is a four team trade, but it would make a lot of sense for all of these teams:

Clippers get:
Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young, J.R. Smith, Eduardo Najera and Devin Brown

Cleveland gets:
Sam Cassell, Quinton Ross and Tim Thomas

Washington gets:
Corey Maggette, Drew Gooden and Ira Newble

Denver gets:
Cuttino Mobley and the Minnesota pick.

The Clips get Arenas and two young athletes. The Cavs get the aggressive PG they need, a defensive stopper and a big who can shoot from the outside. Washington gets a PF and a SG/SF who complements Caron Butler and Denver gets the shooter they need and a 1st pick without disrupting their core.

So this would be the roster the Clips would have.The salary numbers are from the Hoops Hype site and based on next year:

Shawn Livingston - 5,809,705
Gilbert Arenas - 12,800,000
Al Thornton - 1,776,240
Elton Brand - 16,440,000
Chris Kaman - 9,500,000
J.R. Smith - 2,329,517
Eduardo Najera - 5,000,000
Nick Young - 1,602,960
Brevin Knight - 2,000,000
Devin Brown - 1,500,000
Aaron Williams - 1,750,000
Josh Powell - 850,000
Paul Davis - 750,000
Rookie - 4,000,000
Rookie -  800,000
Total Salary - 66,908,422

PG - Livingston, Knight
SG - Arenas, Smith, Young
SF - Thornton, Brown
PF - Brand, Najera, Powell
C  - Kaman, Davis, Williams

As for the draft pick next year. I think the Clippers would be best served taking Donte Greene from Syracuse. 6'11" and can play the 3 and 4. Then you can mix him and Thornton.

Of course, this is all contingent on Livingston being healthy and able to perform as a high level PG. Otherwise, the Clips should take a PG like a Gordon or Rose, depending on the pick they get.

You have the inside covered with Brand and Kaman, the outside with Arenas and Smith and slashers in Thornton, Greene and Brown. This would be a team worth seeing.

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