TJ Simers--Sterling article, etc.

LATimes was a hotbed of Clipper interest this morning, which was fairly surprising.

First there is a Simers article on Sterling, where DTS seems to be calling out Dunleavy.  I'm really curious to hear what CS and others think about it.  My own view is that he isn't really calling out Dunleavy, and that article and the Utah game analysis are both the product of not being able to discuss publicly the elephant in the room:  that the Clips are out of contention, and they don't mind losing games right now.  They want to play well enough to keep the fans relatively happy, especially when everybody besides Brand/Liv is healthy.  But there are some very interesting subtleties in the article, that could reward deep analysis.

I especially like the part where Sterling says, I don't know what was wrong with me, I ran this team like an idiot for almost 20 years, oh well, I'm trying to do better now.  That was pretty funny.

Dunleavy, in rather typical fashion, doesn't back down, and either in that article or the other one he mentions how there were two trades he wanted to do that the team (EBaylor/Sterling) didn't agree to.  He seems pretty specific, and I wonder what he's talking about.  

DTS also says some great things about EB, that he's going to do whatever it takes to keep him, and he thinks Maggette will stick around as well.  

At any rate, the article was pretty straight forward, with Simers refraining from sarcasm and being cute.  Simers treated Sterling like he was a regular, responsible NBA owner, which is a true rarity, and for the favor DTS admitted that he was a nut for much too long a time.  We never get much direct Clip news and thoughts from Heisler, who is still holding on to the "Dear Donald" approach, which is getting pretty tired.  

A little balanced reporting on the injury situation, as we see in CS's post from yesterday, would go a long way.

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