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This is REALLY Cool!

Maybe all of you already knew about this thing.  I didn't.

When I was looking at the situation with the German club in Cologne yesterday, I remembered that former Pepperdine star Glen McGowan used to play there.  I wondered, as I often do, where he was playing now.

The EuroBasket site has a player database that, so far as I can tell, is encyclopedic.  It includes current college players, all minor pro leagues in the US, all the European leagues, South America...  put it this way, it has more leagues covered than I knew existed.  Every name I could think of, they had the guy (one of them was in the database, but apparently not on a team currently).  

So if you're wondering where that guy who you saw score 45 in some random NCAA game two years ago is playing, if you know his name, search for him on EuroBasket.