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Clipper Darrell

NPR's Marketplace did a story today on Mark Cuban's recruitment of Clipper Darrell to Dallas.  For the story, reporter Jeff Tyler interviewed me via phone for my impressions as a Clippers fan.

I was a little disappointed that there was no mention of in the piece - I've desperately been trying to reach the tweedy economist demographic, and Marketplace is the perfect entree.  But on the upside, the editing of the piece made it seem as if I had pertinent and salient things to say, which is a welcome if unexpected bonus.

Unfortunately, the old joke about having a 'face for radio' may apply here.  I'm afraid I have a 'voice for blogging.'

In the small world department, our friend Kevin from ClipperBlog is an editor for Marketplace and worked on the Clipper Darrell segment.

As for the status of the 'Darrell to Dallas' negotiations, according to Art Thompson's OCR blog the Mavericks have made an offer which Darrel is considering.  Maybe the Clippers can get a draft pick in return.