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It's That Time of Year

One of the big complaints that you often hear about the NBA is that the season is too long.  Some people view regular season games as meaningless, and only begin paying any sort of attention during the playoffs.  Well that's me and baseball.

When I was a kid, I was a huge baseball fan.  Because, you know, that's what you did.  You watched baseball in baseball season, you played little league, and you cheered for the home team.  (Never one to be completely conventional, I bucked the trend enough to be an A's fan in the 70's, and almost caused a riot in the bleachers at Dodger Stadium with my plastic A's helmet as a 11 year old at the 1974 World Series.)  But these days, I pretty much ignore baseball, at least until the pennant races in September.  This year I've managed to avoid it even longer.

BUT, I am paying attention now.  And if you too want to get immersed in the playoffs, SB Nation has a playoff recap page just for you.  You are probably aware that SB Nation has deep roots in baseball - no sport is more esoteric, more arcane, more analytical, more discussable, more downright bloggy than baseball.  And the SB Nation Dodgers site, True Blue LA, is among the best of the best.  Did you know that Citizen ToyCannon, a member of our Clips Nation community, is a front page author at True Blue LA

Anyway, check out the SB Nation Baseball Playoff page and True Blue LA to get caught up on the playoffs.  By the time the World Series comes around, the Clippers regular season will finally be here.