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Baron Davis Will Miss Tonight's Kings Game

Although he was hoping to make the trip to Stockton, Baron Davis is still feeling the effects of the flu and will not play tonight, according to the Pest.  She also gives us this:

Don't be surprised if players who played extended minutes last night take a backseat tonight as coach Mike Dunleavy said earlier in the week that he'd probably limit playing time for his veterans because of the back-to-back situation.

OK, I'll try not to be surprised.  But with Camby, Thomas and Baron out, what does that mean?  Do we get to a big helping of Curtis Sumpter?  Hopefully DeAndre Jordan can play tonight.  Certainly Kaman doesn't deserve the night off, since he hasn't even bothered to show up for the first two games.

Looking at the standings, the Clippers are two games ahead in the Pacific Division in the loss column.  I love pre-season!