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Now that we have the Baron prognosis, (and can all breathe again) I've been meaning to touch on a few things that I haven't seen much ink on.

Kaman's pre-season play: I lost the link, but Kaman was quoted as saying something to the effect that he "didn't know people would be playing that hard in the preseason, so that's on me."  This of course is a positive sign, as some of us expected he might be dogging it out of the gate a bit, now that he's a "vet". 

Time-share at Bu-PG: Jason Hart and Mike Taylor were given equal minutes the other night, which looks like a level-headed approach by Dunleavy right now.

A lot of 3 pt. Shooting: With the likes of Ricky Davis, Eric Gordon, Mobley, Thornton, Tim Thomas, Baron, & Novak we look to have more 3 pt. shooters than ever.  I kind of worry if we'll rely too much on the 3 this year, but one thing's for sure, we've never had this much range. This should create a lot of spacing on offense, and work to our advantage overall if we can keep it in balance. 


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