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Please Help Me Do My Homework

As many of you know, I started grad school in late August.  I'm in an online Masters in Journalism program from the University of Missouri. 

One of my classes is in Marketing, and as the end of the semester draws near I've got a big project due.  I'm supposed to design an Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC), and for mine I've chosen the Clippers.

So let's do a little brainstorming.  How would you market the team?  I'm not just looking for a slogan here (although surely we can do better than 'Play Loud').  Think of all the channels available for marketing, advertising and public relations.  TV advertising, in game promotions on broadcasts, community events, print, radio - are there things you feel the organization does well?  Are there opportunities they should be taking advantage of? 

Try not to get too hung up on the current situation - it's obviously harder to market a 1-7 team than a 7-1 team.  But that's why they pay us the big bucks.  Or not. 

I know there are going to be snarky ideas thrown out - that's fine too.  You can use this thread to vent some; maybe it can be cathartic.  Besides, that's really the point of brainstroming - throw stuff out there and I'll worry about evaluating it later. 

At any rate, it's an online Journalism program, I'm a blogger, and you Citizens are the core constituency of this organization.  What better way to conduct a little research than here on Clips Nation?  By the way, if you get super motivated and want to write something a little longer and standalone, feel free to use the FanPosts as well.