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D-Miles, Anyone?

According to Lisa Dillman's post in the Fabulous Forum blog, the Clippers worked out former Clipper Darius Miles on Tuesday.

When Miles was the last cut in Boston, I think many of us entertained the thought of having him back in LA.  But amid the horrific start to the season, something as mundane as signing a veteran free agent has taken a back seat to other concerns.  Concerns like, should I watch the game tonight or put a bullet in my temple?

Still, with the choice at backup small forward down to Mardy Collins or Steve Novak, it makes some sense.  Doc Rivers said some nice things about him after the Celtics camp.  He always had talent - who knows how much athleticism he has left after all of his injuries, but he had a lot to begin with, so even a diminished D-Miles could still be something relatively special.

Here's what MDsr had to say about it:  "We have an extra roster spot. He is starting to work out for teams.  And so, we're just looking into the situation."  So there you have it.

Unfortunately, Miles is facing a 10 game suspension if and when he signs somewhere, so he would not provide the Clippers with any immediate depth.  By the time he is allowed to play, Ricky Davis should be back on the court, hopefully making the small forward position less of an issue.  Of course, Miles hasn't actually played an NBA game in literally years, so he's bound to be rusty and out of shape.  Sitting out 10 games while attending practice will be the least of his worries.

The other reason to sign the guy is simply to mess with Portland a little.  Not that any GM who wants to work with Kevin Pritchard in the future would admit to it being a motivation, but if Miles plays 10 games this season, his 08-09 salary goes back against Portland's cap.  That has value, as it takes the Blazers out of the free agent market next summer.  (Admittedly, it has more value to other teams like the Thunder or the Grizzlies - teams who actually have cap space in summer 09.  If you're one of those teams and no one has signed Miles by March, don't you pretty much have to snap him up and get him on the court?) 

Not sure D-Miles is the answer to the 4-17 Clippers problems.  But it couldn't really hurt at this point.