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Volunteers Needed

I will be leaving for Tahoe just after Christmas and returning in early January.  Since I won't have any connectivity there, I won't be blogging at all.  Oh, and I guess I'll be spending time with my family too.  Whatev. 

We've handled ClipperSteve's periodic absences a few different ways over the years.  As it happens, Citizen Zhiv and Citizen John R are also going to be gone, leaving Citizen Mikey P as the only deputy in town. 

A couple of springs ago, when I was in Europe for a couple of weeks, we made a schedule in advance of volunteers to write recaps for all of the games.  That worked pretty well, and gave some citizens a chance to step up and show their writing chops.  So rather than putting all the extra work on Mikey to write every recap, I'd like to ask for volunteers again.  Mikey can then concentrate on adding other fresh content and monitoring the site.  Sound good?

There are 5 games that need coverage.

  • 12/28 - Dallas
  • 12/30 - @ Sacramento
  • 12/31 - Philadelphia
  • 1/2 - @ Phoenix
  • 1/4 - Detroit

If you are going to be able to see one of those games and would like to volunteer to write a recap for your fellow Clips Nation citizens, please let me know in the comments.  I'll put together a schedule and let you know if you're the responsible party.

Then, if you are chosen, when the day comes please write your recap in a FanPost.  Try to write it as soon as is reasonable after the completion of the game. 

That's it.  So let me know if you're interested.