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The Trip

The Clippers left for their 7 games in 12 days road trip today with a very pale Chris Kaman and without Corey Maggette.  What kind of nasty flu did those guys pick up in Memphis?  Maggette could conceivably catch a flight out to Minny today to join the team for tonight's game against the T-Wolves.  But one has to wonder how effective either Kaman or Maggette are going to be after five days of puking.  I'm guessing neither one is feeling their strongest right about now.  And with game 2 of the trip tomorrow in Cleveland, there's no guarantee they won't miss another game, or at least continue to be limited.

Tonight is the first of three games on this trip that will NOT be televised in the LA market.  In fact, tonight's game isn't even available on NBA League Pass, as the T-Wolves aren't broadcasting it either.  As it happens, since broadcasters have less interest in games against poorer teams, most the winnable games on this trip are not going to be on TV.  So if you like to watch the Clippers win, it could be a long couple of weeks.  Games in Minnesota (worst record in the league), Philadelphia (18-28) and Milwaukee (18-29) are not on local TV.

Speaking of Philly and Milly, I'm toying with an idea.  Since those games ARE on League Pass, I was going to stop by the Legends in Belmont Shore to watch.  If enough citizens are interested, we can reserve some space there for a 'ClipsNation Viewing Party'.  Or it can just be a stop on by and we'll try to get them to put on the game thing.  If we reserve some space there will probably be a minimum amount we have to spend, but I figure that won't be a problem as long as the taps are working.  Also, there could be some special guests and some giveaways.  So, let me know in the comments if you'd be up for that.  Either way, I'll be there and you can stop by, but if I know we've got a big group we can have it be a whole thing.  That's Clippers at Philadelphia, Saturday Feb. 9 at 4:30, and Clippers at Milwaukee, Monday, Feb. 11 at 5.  Leave a comment if you're interested in either game and let me know which one.