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Elton Brand Returns to Practice

How much longer will these be the Generic Clippers?  The team is getting closer to once again having a Brand name.  

Elton Brand participated in the Clippers practice on Monday, albeit in non-contact drills only.  Both the LA Times and the OC Register have reports on his first practice.  The team, understandably, is taking everything slow - excruciatingly slow - but everything is moving forward.  Brand was cleared to run and jump about three weeks ago.  He joined practice Monday.  It will probably be another two weeks before he participates in contact drills.  Given this 'minimum two weeks for the next step' trend that is developing, I would not expect Elton to actually get into a game earlier than 4 weeks from now.  I'm going on record that his first game will be Wednesday, March 19 against the Warriors.

Obviously, we all want to see him back on the court, but there's almost no incentive on the part of the organization to get him out there, and a lot of disincentive.  More wins means less ping pong balls.  Plus he showcases himself for potential suitors in the unlikely (though not impossible) event of an opt out.  Plus there's that worst case scenario for MDsr and Elgin Baylor that the team continues to lose after he gets on the court.  As much as MDsr wants his superstar back, he definitely keeps his job as long as Brand is out.  The 'win now' edict applies the minute Brand starts playing again.

The good news is that EB says he feels great - in fact, he says he's jumping higher than he did before.

So it's only a matter of time before I have to take down my Plain Wrap banner.