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T-Wolves 104 - Clippers 83

Just a few notes for future consideration -

That's two non-televised games this season, and two double digit leads blown.  The games need to be televised.  It's pretty obvious at this point.  They need me to see what is happening so that I can help them stay focused.  Are you paying attention, Clippers and Prime Ticket and KTLA?

A big ClipperSteve mea culpa - at 5:58 of the second quarter, I posted a 'so far so good' comment on the game thread.  The Clippers had a 15 point lead and Cassell had 15 points and the world was spinning in greased grooves.  From that point, Minnesota outscored the Clippers 74 to 38.  That's correct, 74 to 38.  Cassell finished the game with 17.  So, sorry about that.  It was hubris, and the gods have punished me as lo they punished Agamemnon and Oedipus.  

So, get the games on TV, and no hubris in the comments.  Make a note of that.

Give Randy Whitmann credit for going big and putting Jaric on Cassell in the second half.  After torching Foye and Telfair in the first half, Jaric shut Sam down after half time.  We know this well from his days as a Clipper, but Marko could be a really could basketball player if he could make a layup.  He's a terrific defender and does a good job of getting to the rim - but he's the worst finisher in all of basketball.

And how about 1 for 15 for Al Thornton?  Are you kidding?  The game after having one of the best rookie performances in team history, he had what surely must be the worst one.  Seriously, how many rookies are allowed to take 15 shots, let alone miss 14 of them?  

The Clippers may not win back to back games again this season, at least not until Elton Brand starts playing again.  I mean, they had a win under their belts in a game against the team with the worst record in the NBA and a 15 point lead and they managed to lose by 21.  That's ugly.  It was, as you might imagine, Minnesota's largest margin of victory on the season.

It doesn't get any easier tomorrow in Cleveland, as Maggette is unlikely to re-join the team until the New York game on Monday.