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Celtics 104 - Clippers 76

The parallel universe Clippers team, with Livingston at the point, Cassell at shooting guard, Brand at power forward and Kaman at center, would have made this a game, even with Paul Davis (or maybe Richie Frahm or Ruben Patterson or Yaroslav Korolev) at the small forward.

The guys they actually put on the court never had a chance.  

By the way, that's consecutive games against the best record in the Western Conference followed by the best record in the NBA for a group that might or might not be able to challenge Memphis.  The Memphis Tigers, that is.

I found it somewhat untoward in the fourth quarter when the Celtics reserves were in the game, and the starters were whooping and hollering on the sideline.  What was that about?  Yes, well done.  You're beating the Clippers JV squad.  Wave a towel, by all means.

Boston does play great defense.  Clippers shot 40% from the field and 18% from the arc.  And that free throw defense!  They held the Clippers to a season low 56% from the line.  Seems to me that the Clippers might not have been ready for this game for some reason.

I'm not sure why I even watched this one.  I enjoyed listening to Shaun Livingston in the second quarter.  That's about it.

That season ticket conference call tomorrow is going to be a delight after this game.