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Cassell - "They misquoted me drastically"

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Stepping into the reporting void left by the LA Times and the OC Register, the ever intrepid Associated Press followed up with Sam Cassell on the stories running in the Boston papers.  They did this by using the telephone.  Apparently, the Times and the Register have cut back on the phone budget for Clippers coverage in addition to the travel budget.  Maybe they should look into Vonage.

Sam's been so good through all of this, I was quite surprised at some of the implications coming from those Boston stories.  I mean, even if Falk is pursuing a buyout, and even if Sam likes to talk, he's not stupid.  It would not really be like him to talk about something he shouldn't be talking about.  Indeed, he told the AP that he did not ask for a buyout, and that he was misquoted in the Boston papers.

This doesn't really change anything.  I'm fairly certain Falk checked, I'm fairly certain the Clippers said no.  A buyout is not happening, as I've said from the beginning.  It's just really nice and classy of Sam to come out and say the right thing now.

I'm still a member of the Los Angeles Clippers and I want to win as many games as possible with the Clippers. I'm not happy that we're losing, but I have a lot of good teammates on this ballclub that I really enjoy being around.