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No ClipsNation Viewing Party - Yet

You may recall that I floated an idea at the beginning of the road trip for a 'ClipsNation Viewing Party' at a Sports Bar near my house.  Due to an underwhelming response and some schedule conflicts, that event will not be happening at this time.

HOWEVER, I do want to try this again at a future date.  Maybe for a west coast road game, so the tip is at a more reasonable for worker bees time.  If I do try to set this up in the future, I expect each of you citizens to do your part.  Here are the types of responses I want to see:

  • Great idea CS!  I'll be there and I'll bring lots of friends with me too!
  • Sounds great!  It will be fun to watch a game with such a great Clipper fan!
  • Too bad!  I can't make it because I have to work (I'll also accept attend class, play basketball or go on a date - I don't expect you to bring your date to this, although you could).

Here is the response I don't want to see:

  • Long Beach is far.  Can't you do it closer to me here in Palmdale/Corona/Riverside/BFE?

My blog, my bar.  You want to pick the bar, start a blog.

Kidding aside, I do want to try to make this happen, and will be looking for a good date.  A mid-week 7:30 tip probably works best - if we try to do it on Friday or Saturday the place is going to be too crowded for us to get space.  

No guarantees, but there's also a chance I may be able to get some special guests to be at the viewing party.  Here's a hint - rhymes with 'flipper near it'.  So I expect some good old fashioned enthusiasm the next time we try this.  Understand?