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Two Bad Losses - Part 1

Apologies for the post-free weekend.  See the Diary from Citizen Lawlers Law if you're curious about where I was.  

Obviously these last two losses were particularly tough to take.  

A 37 point loss to the Lakers is bad.  In a season in which the Generic Clippers have fielded some fairly hopeless teams, they were actually relatively healthy for their worst loss of the season.  But not only was it the worst loss of the season, it was the worst loss of the LA-LA series.  

Think about that for a moment.  In 86-87, the 65-17, eventual champion Lakers of Jabbar, Green, Worthy, Scott and Johnson played 5 games against the 12-70 Clippers of Benjamin, Cage, Woodson, Drew and Valentine five times and never beat them by 37 (although they did beat them by a lot).  

There are countless other seasons in which the talent disparity was laughable - before the salary cap, the Lakers could as much as they liked and Donald T. Sterling could spend as little as he liked - `and still the Clippers did not lose to the Lakers by 37.  Hell, the 97-98 Clippers opened the strike-shortened season on a 17 game losing streak, and four of those games were against the Shaq and Kobe Lakers, but the average margin was only 13.  This team owes an apology to Ty Nesby, 4th leading scorer on that 1998 team, for sullying the good name of the Clippers.

Nothing much more to say about that Lakers game.