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Clipper Spirit versus Laker Girls

Attention Citizens!  Be sure to vote for our beloved Clipper Spirit today at  In the Annual dance team ballot, the Spirit are matched up in the first round with the Laker Harlots Girls.

ClipperZoe with Taylor of the Clipper Spirit
Zoe and Taylor

And there she is, the lovely Taylor, smack dab in the middle of the picture on the voting page.  Did I ever tell you guys about how she once said she loved me?  Or about the time I ran into her on 2nd Street and she said 'Hi' to me?  (OK, she really said 'Hi' to ClipperZoe, but I was there too.)  

This is important people.  Get out there and vote.

(It will be interesting to see how this turns out.  I expect a landslide, one way or the other.  Either Laker haters across the country will carry the Spirit to victory - or Laker fans in southern California will make it an easy win for their girls.  As in any election, it's about getting out the vote.  The Laker Girls may be just the Hillary Clinton that our Spirit need - the only candidate that is reviled enough to motivate the country to vote.)