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Hawks 117 - Clippers 93

The Hawks shot 34% in their last game againt the Rockets.  They shot 54% tonight.  Now, I'm sure defense had something to do with that, but I'm equally certain that if Joe Johnson had wanted to shoot from the wing of the Hawk at center court, that shot would have been there against the Rockets.  The Generic Clippers do not have much chance in any game without Chris Kaman.  But the way the Hawks were shooting the ball, this was not close.

Johnson finished the game 10-14, including 7 for 8 on threes.  That's an eFG% of over 96%.  Mike Bibby was 6 for 9, and 2 for 2 - an eFG% of 78%.  Josh Smith was 10 for 15.  In fact, the Hawks' top 7 players were 45 for 74 overall and 9 for 10 from three.

The Clippers right now as just so undersized that it's more than a little sad.  The Clippers leading rebounder had 5.  And the Hawks aren't exactly a huge team.  

The team looks more than a little demoralized right now - and how can you blame them?  Especially when Joe Johnson is making simply ridiculous shots.  They need to get Kaman or Brand or somebody back, quick.  They need something to energize them.  I mean, I know that the ping pong balls are the most important thing right now, but I still have to watch the games.  And I don't want to watch this stuff.