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Brandon Calling - With Apologies to Joe Strummer and Mick Jones

You may recall that there was a bet attached to this weekend's Blazer games.  If the Blazers swept both games, we the citizens of ClipsNation would owe a song in praise of the Blazers.  Now, when I made that bet, I assumed that the Clippers would suit up, say, greater than 6 players who weren't waived within the last month.  And BlazerDave actually took pity on us and offered to carry the bet over to next season, since no one really wants to win in an unfair fight.  But a bet is a bet, and besides, this Blazers team is indeed worthy of song.

Now, evidently when the BE folks do this, they sort of collaborate and add lines and work together.  I'm not sure how that would work.  So I just went ahead and wrote my song.  If you have additions, suggestions, improvements, add them to the comments.  If you want to write a song of your own, go for it.  If you think this is all a little silly, well, I won't argue that point.

But with apologies to Mick Jones and the late Joe Strummer and everyone in the legendary Clash, here is the world premiere of 'Brandon Calling', sung to the tune of 'London Calling'.

Brandon Calling to the Trailblazer fans
The future is now, so get in the stands
Brandon calling to the NBA World
Another big banner, will soon be unfurled
Brandon calling, now don't look at us
All the phony Z-Bo-mania has bitten the dust
Brandon calling and I don't wanna shout
But after we jumped you, you called a time-out

Greg Oden is coming, and Rudy's zooming in
Phoenix stopped running, the Spurs are growing thin
The West is a terror, but Dallas has fear
Brandon is calling - and I live by the (Williamette)  river

Brandon calling at the top of the key
Aldridge is LaMonster, as anyone can see
Brandon calling see we ain't got no flaws
Travis is clearly the best of Outlaws
Brandon calling, yeah, I was there too
Przybilla and Webster are players it's true
Brandon calling from the three point line
We've got talent already, cap space in '09


Brandon calling step back from the ledge
You folks of ClipsNation, just read Blazer's Edge
Brandon calling the name is Brandon Roy
Come out of the cupboard all you girls and boys