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Mavs 103 - Clippers 90

For the second game in a row, the tiny Generic Clippers made a mediocre big man look like Wilt Chamberlain.  After Joel Przybilla scored 14 points and grabbed 25 rebounds on Saturday, today it was Erick Dampier's turn.  He went for 19 and 17... in 31 minutes.  The Clippers were outrebounded 50-36 in the game, and gave up 18 offensive rebounds.  And basically, the 36 rebounds the Clippers got were the ones the Mavericks just didn't want.  Because they got any rebound they wanted.

After the Clippers had taken a brief second quarter lead, they managed to get 2 defensive rebounds in the final 8 minutes of the first half.  And one of those was a team rebound when the shot bounced up in hit the shot clock.  IN EIGHT MINUTES!  The actually did not manage a single defensive rebound in over 6 minutes.  Watching this team try to rebound must surely qualify as a form of torture.  If I can prove that Chris Kaman and/or Elton Brand have actually been healthy enough to play these last few games, I think I can probably bring a civil suit against MDsr.  I have suffered undue pain and emotional distress due to his negligence!  Or maybe it's Josh Powell who has a case.  An undersized power forward being asked to play center all game long.  It's cruel and unusual punishment, that's what it is.

Not much more to say about this game.  Nobody on the Clippers played particularly well (with the exception of Nick Fazekas) but it would not have mattered if they had, because you can't win if you can't rebound.  Dallas would appear to be in trouble.  They did not look very good in this game, and I can't see them winning their upcoming games against Denver and Golden State.  And assuming Kaman is back in the lineup next Monday and Nowitzki is not, I'll pick the Clippers to beat them also.