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The Clippers Spirit - Still Competing!

Although the basketball team has long since been eliminated from the playoffs, the Clippers Spirit are in the conference semis of the NBA's dance team bracket.  So far the Spirit have disposed of the Laker Wenches Girls and whatever they call the Suns dancers.  (Oh, they call them the Suns Dancers - that's original.)

Today they are facing the Warrior Princesses - at least that's what they should be called.  How did the marketing people in Oakland miss that one?  Instead, they are the Warrior Girls.  Again, I am underwhelmed by the innovative thinking.

Being a blogger, I tend to overanalyze things.  Let's look deeper into that statement.  Just kidding.

But seriously, it's kind of interesting looking at the photos these teams have chosen to represent them through this competition.  For one thing, they can change their photo each round if they want to.  Interesting.  The Sixers Dancers are on their third photo, each one more prurient than the last.  The Spirit have played to their strength the whole way - Taylor front and center, and everyone wholesome and smiling (or as wholesome as you can be in a bikini top, microscopic skirt and white vinyl go-go boots - it's a good look).

The vast majority of the other squads have eschewed the smile and gone for alluring, sultry, I'm-looking-to-have-some-angry-sex shots.  I mean, look at those Warrior Girls.  They can't possibly want me that badly, can they?  With that picture, the Warrior Girls name seems not just unoriginal but downright incompatible.  These are Xenas, Warrior Princesses - these are certainly not girls.  

Still other squads have clearly crossed the line from anything remotely related to a basketball court and gone straight into the burlesque cabaret (Sonics) or let's face it, the strip club (Heat).  And in that Heat/Hawks matchup, the "A-Town Dancers" have something vaguely "Barely Legal" porn going on.  Quite disturbing.

Looking at the bracket, I think Taylor and the Spirit have a clear path to the finals.  Although the Rockets Power Dancers are both smiling AND wearing black latex - sort of a cheerful dominatrix thing.  Very strong.

So get out there and vote.  You have until Thursday morning at 9 PT.  Apparently, you can vote today and vote again tomorrow if you want to.  What other competition do we have to pay attention to?