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Mark Your Calendars

After many delays and false starts, I have finally scheduled a ClipsNation viewing party.  From the moment in early February when I first considered this idea until now, there have been a couple of false starts.  The biggest problem has been finding a West Coast road game, where the start time allows for people to get to the event.  You wouldn't think it would be that tough, but given that the Clippers themselves have scheduled viewing parties for some of those games (next Wednesday at Seattle, for instance), there were surprisingly few options.  I wanted to avoid a Saturday night, on the assumption that it would be tough to schedule space, not to mention that many people might have better things to do on a Saturday night.  But then I realized, hey, these guys will be watching the Clippers' game anyway, so they can watch it with ME!

So, having said that, mark your calendars:

Saturday, April 12, 7:00 PM
Yankee Doodles Long Beach
4100 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach

We'll be watching the Clippers play the Golden State Warriors in a game that could have huge playoff implications for the Warriors, and which should feature Elton Brand.  Tip off is at 7:30, but the party starts at 7:00.

No word yet on special guests or special promotions, but I'm working on it!  

Update [2008-3-27 22:47:4 by ClipperSteve]:  According to Jessie, the Director of the Spirit Dance Team, she's inviting the team and although she can't say for sure who will be there, she's certain that some of them will be able to attend.

Please, please, please come to my party.