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Mavs 93 - Clippers 86

I have everything and nothing to say about this game.  

Let's start with some background.  My buddy Mark is on the board of the Los Altos YMCA in Long Beach, and he was offered two seats to the game.  When LaVal, the president of the Los Altos Y, asked him if he knew anyone who might want the other seat, Mark said, "Um, yeah, I just might."  So I was at Staples tonight, in the suites, with my new best friends LaVal and Stacey (among others).

When I'm watching at home, I have better access to data.  Tables of halftime stats, running commentary from Ralph and Mike, and of course the box score on the lap top if I want.  Because of 'Dancing With the Stars' (the only show the ClipperWidow watches), I did not TiVo this game.  I'll watch the replay tomorrow.  Without the benefit of replays, etc., I am hesitant to call this a HORRIBLY officiated game.  After all, the box score tells me that there were more fouls called on the Mavericks than on the Clippers, which surprised me.  But MAN, it sure felt like the Clippers were getting no breaks.  More on that after I have a chance to review some calls tomorrow.

For now, I guess I have two things after all.  First of all, Dallas is in BIG TROUBLE.  With Kaman hurt, Mobley hurt and Maggette shooting 3 for 15 (0 for 8 on two pointers), and the Clippers as a team shooting 36.8%, they still needed every advantage the referees gave them in order to beat the Clippers.  And we're talking about a team of Dan Dickau, Quinton Ross, Corey Maggette, Al Thornton and Nick Fazekas that played the entire fourth quarter, and cut the Dallas lead to 3.  If that's who they are without Nowitzki, then they either have to get him back NOW, or they can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

But the big news of course is Kaman's injury.  It appears to be a pretty nasty ankle sprain, and my guess is that they'll shut him down for the season (wouldn't you?)  So after all that, the moment ClipsNation has been waiting for, the reunion of Brand and Kaman, the first ever pairing of Brand and Kaman 2.0, probably won't happen after all.  Amazing.  That's why you never say "It couldn't get any worse."  Trust me, it can always get worse.

Oh, and I love Nick Fazekas.  

More tomorrow afternoon.